making food fit for you
makingfood fit for you

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 Daniella Wolf, BASc, RD

 Daniella Wolf is a Registered Dietitian who has worked both in the hospital   setting and in private practice. She currently has a private practice in Toronto   and Thornhill where she deals with high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes,   weight control, pregnancy, infant and childhood nutrition and emotional   eating. Daniella graduated from Ryerson University in 2000, where she   completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Food and Nutrition. She then   fulfilled a one-year Internship at a hospital. Daniella is a member of Dietitians   of Canada and The College of Dietitians of Ontario as well as various networks   within Dietitians of Canada. Daniella has three young kids which keeps her   very busy and in her spare time, she enjoys an active lifestyle, which includes   spinning, hiking and scuba diving.


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 Daniella Wolf, BASc., RD 

 Consulting Dietitian and   Nutritionist


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